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Welcome!  We have been rehabilitating and releasing injured, orphaned and abandoned black bear cubs brought to us by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department since 1993.  When we started, we would receive one to five cubs a year.  In 2012, we received thirty cubs, including cubs from Vermont and Massachusetts. Ben Kilham and his sister, Phoebe Kilham, are licensed wildlife rehabilitators for the State of New Hampshire. While both are primarily responsible for the care of the cubs, Ben is interested in learning from the cubs and observing their behavior. Phoebe retired from working with the cubs in February, 2021; she is still working with the GPS mapping of collared research bears. Ethan Kilham, Ben’s nephew, has replaced her as the primary caretaker for the cubs. Ben’s wife Debbie helps with the very young cubs. Cubs brought in early spring of one year will be released by New Hampshire Fish and Game the following spring.  They begin their stay in our indoor enclosure and graduate to the outside 8-acre forested enclosure.  A new 11-acre fenced enclosure will be ready for use in 2021. Being in the forested enclosure provides the cubs with the opportunity to learn and to improve their climbing and foraging skills as they would in their natural environment. There are natural and man-made dens in the forested enclosure for the cubs to use to hibernate for the winter.  When spring arrives and they emerge from hibernation, we again supplement their natural foods so that when the time comes for them to leave, they will be healthy and strong and ready to return to the wild.   We are not open to the public as all of our cubs will be returned to the wild and minimizing human contact is required. Thanks for your understanding.