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Rehabilitation and research offer insights into bear behavior
by Benjamin Kilham


Photo Credit: Union Leader, Drew Fellman.

Chinese bears put NH naturalist, the Granite State in the spotlight

By SHAWNE K. WICKHAM | New Hampshire Sunday News | January 27, 2018

Ben Kilham is about to become a big movie star.

Really big.

“Pandas,” an IMAX 3D film coming this spring, features an extraordinary partnership between Kilham, a Lyme naturalist, and Chinese researchers, who are relying on his expertise to reintroduce rare giant pandas to the wild.

Kilham is renowned for his work with New Hampshire black bears. He’s the author of several books, and his groundbreaking efforts to raise orphaned bear cubs and return them to the woods have been featured in documentaries on the National Geographic and Discovery channels.

In recent years, Kilham also has been working with Global Cause Foundation, a Virginia-based nonprofit that supports the Chinese panda research project. “We’re using the methods that I used with black bears that had no experience in the wild,” Kilham explained in a phone interview.

The new “Pandas” movie, which chronicles these efforts, opens at the Simons IMAX Theatre at the New England Aquarium in Boston in April.